I always loved to build things as a kid with Legos and Lincoln logs so when i finally got old enough and had some tools it was time to move on to building bigger and more involved projects. I guess you could say that I was spoiled from the beginning when it comes to my tools. My first set of tools was given to me from my grandfather. I got a set of Craftsman sockets (standard and metric), Craftsman wrenches (standard and metric), hammers, Makita finishing sander, and all the odds and ends. So I sure felt blessed to start off with a substantial set of quality tools to start off with.

So once college football was over in 2009 and it no longer monopolized my time I was then able to spend some quality time in the garage building and adding tools to my workshop. Everything U have built or worked on I have had to learn new skills and techniques. DIY projects and builds are a passion and hobby for me and I only do this in the little free time that I can carve out of my families busy schedule.

Since I started funding my addiction for tools and other things for the garage(in 2010) I have almost maxed out my side of the small two car garage me and my wife “share”.

Here is how I got from where I started to the present workshop I have today. It was worth the journey to get here.